At Carolina Sales Associates, we provide best in class representation to plumbing, irrigation and HVAC manufacturers in the Carolinas.

Since 1986, we have not ceased to focus on building strong relationships with distributors, contractors, specifiers and end users. This has been the core value that has resulted in our trade wisdom and experience.

Our product and market knowledge provide on-the-spot solutions that increase sales.

Full Line of the Top Manufacturers

Careful partnerships with only the top manufacturers in the Plumbing, Irrigation and HVAC industries allows us to ensure our clients get the job done right the first time.

Representing the Best in Quality & Innovation

Every day on every job site, challenges are overcome in order to get the project done. We represent the absolute best suppliers in the industry, providing the innovation and quality you need.

Focusing on Integrity & Service

We live in a world where a handshake has lost its meaning. Our team is dedicated to delivering superior service that exceeds expectations with honesty that you can trust. You have our word.

Calling the Carolinas home since 1986

We have a rich heritage that creates a culture of hard work and a commitment to striving for excellence. CSA is your open door to growth.

Featured Product

PLUMBING WITH A PLUS EVERLOC+™ compression-sleeve fitting system

rehau everloc plus

EVERLOC+ the next-generation fitting system. Uniquely designed for quick, consistent, secure connections in any weather, EVERLOC+ eliminates many of the variables that can complicate installation. An added bonus: Immediate pressure testing. A complete system solution from REHAU, the brand plumbers have trusted for decades. The EVERLOC+ system includes the REHAU polymer and lead-free brass fittings, PEXa sleeves and a battery-powered tool. It is specifically designed for use with REHAU RAUPEX® pipe, known and trusted by plumbers around the world for more than 40 years.